Evaluation and Proof of Concept Coordination

Successful software purchases depend on a proof of concept (POC) trial period when you test the application to make sure it does what you need it to do. A POC (giving the software to people who will use it for a short test) provides feedback that determines how well software could benefit your users. Their feedback helps you answer the crucial question anyone asks about change: WIIFM? (What’s in it for me?)

An external consultant leading a POC lends greater credibility to the project because it shows your organization’s financial commitment to the project. That enhanced user buy-in keeps users focused.

Let an experienced POC manager plan the project; develop the test script to cover your acceptance criteria; ensure crisp, efficient demos; track progress; and deliver a report with test results and analysis; all within a fixed timeline.

Outsourcing POC management makes good business sense, especially if you’re strapped for time and resources. You only run POCs occasionally, so outsourcing them as special projects lets your team continue to focus on existing projects. You get the feedback you need to make an informed, timely decision, with minimal impact on your team’s ongoing projects.

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