Paper Reduction

Reducing paper improves your workflows. You enjoy lower costs, a cleaner workplace, and greater security (paper invites prying eyes, and can walk out the door undetected).

Paper has its place. A manually ink-signed original is often required for legal reasons. Storing printed copies of important documents offsite provides extra back-up.

But most paper gets wasted, and paper storage devours space and money and time:

  • 50% of print jobs end up in the recycle bin every day
  • A 4-drawer file cabinet can hold 20,000 pages gathering dust in .6 sq meters / 6.5 sq feet of (expensive) office space
  • People spend hours per year looking for documents across rooms, cabinets, and folders

For most firms, a paper-less or paper-lite approach works best.

We help you find the most effective ways to reduce paper in your business. Electronic processes can minimise printing. Storing necessary paper with an assist from technology, on-site or off-site, delivers better hard-copy searchability and retrieval. Identifying people and groups who already work with less paper helps with change management by extending their ideas throughout your organisation.

Our project and programme management expertise help you keep your paper-lite processes on track.

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