Data Governance and Document Metadata Management

Your data powers your firm: data about your clients, matters, operations, finances.

Good data governance—how you manage the data in your custody—makes it easier to search, use, manage, share, and report on your data. The GDPR and similar legislation in jurisdictions outside the EU highlight the importance of keeping data stores accurate, manageable, secure, up-to-date.

Metadata management covers how you generate, control, and share hidden data about your documents and other data. Metadata helps with automation and makes searching faster and more accurate. But inaccurate metadata, superfluous metadata, and sharing metadata with the wrong people can cause easily avoidable problems.

We guide organisations through the ISO 27000-series information security and data governance certification process: ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 27014 (data governance), ISO 27004 (storage security), ISO 27701 (privacy management), and more.

Our business process, data management, and metadata expertise helps you build a data management strategy and best practices across the document lifecycle and beyond, to ensure your firm gets the most benefit from the data you need to hold, while managing the risks associated with storing and sharing data and documents.

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