Practical productivity consulting

Effective innovation makes life easier—delivering better quality, more quickly, with less effort.

Your professionals can focus on content and client service rather than struggling with technology. The technology team raises their profile with the business as a value-add instead of a cost.

How do you innovate effectively? Where do you start? Big projects or tiny noticeable things?

We can help, from bright idea to final execution.

About us

Octantus™ Associates helps professional firms deliver higher quality client services more efficiently with improved business processes, working practices, and technology. (People come first, then tech.)

As associated independent consultants we work together to deliver advice and implementation services tailored to your specific needs. Big projects or small, we bring decades of experience, skills, and insights to deliver real, practical benefits to your firm, your users, you.


Document Excellence

Every document is an advertisement for your firm and the person who owns it, demonstrating your attention to detail and good taste.

How we can help…

Office User Experience

Customising MS Office—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook—can improve usability dramatically. People find the functions they need when they need them with fewer clicks and distractions.

How we can help…

Data Governance and Metadata Management

How you govern your data makes it easier to search, use, manage, share, and report on it. That includes metadata both around and within your documents.

How we can help…

Product and Vendor Vetting

Which products fit your requirements ? Which vendors have a good reputation for honesty and support?

How we can help…

Business Cases

A solid business case depends on what your business needs; which solutions suit those needs; reality-based calculations of benefits vs costs.

How we can help…

Evaluation and Proof of Concept Coordination

Outsourcing software trial management makes good sense, especially if you’re strapped for time and resources.

How we can help…

Document Automation Consulting

Automating how you create and edit documents improves quality and efficiency. Different products will help you most, depending on your use cases.

How we can help…

Software Development Advice and Coding

Buy it or build it? Our extensive product management and software development experience helps you decide. We can even develop a custom solution for you.

How we can help…

Paper Reduction

Reducing paper improves your workflows, and you enjoy lower costs, a cleaner workplace, and greater security. We help you find the most effective ways to minimise paper in your business.

How we can help…

Technology Evaluation

Do you get the best value from your investment in technology? We work with you to find opportunities to improve your tech satisfaction.

How we can help…

Targeting Innovation

Better ways of working evolve from a simple yet essential process.  We guide you through that process, putting ourselves in your, and your users’, shoes.

How we can help…

Project / Programme Management

Whatever the project, large or small, best-practice project management ensures you achieve your goals and advances your business strategy.

How we can help…

Implementation Services

By outsourcing implementation projects to us, your team can continue their work in progress without interruption.

How we can help…

Tech Skills Every Professional Needs

Professionals need to know the tools of their trade so they can serve their clients competently. That includes the technology they use to create, process, and deliver their work.

How we can help…

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